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9+ Best ProofReading Tools Compared (Complete Guide)

Be it your resume, a presentation at work or a blog post for your new website, you will find proofreading everywhere. This is because people understand you by what & how you write and the best proofreading tools help you with just that.

That is why it makes sense to say that having a second set of eyes to proofread your work before you hit that send/submit button becomes an absolute necessity today.

There is a reason that tech companies including but not limited to Google are supercharging their digital grammar editors with artificial intelligence & machine learning.

So, it’s safe to say that if these tech giants realize the importance of correct grammar & writing practices, proofreading should be the first thing we as a new blog owner or business entity looking to scale our presence should think of.

While human touch is always what best connects with each one of us, yet, your writing go hand in hand with how you express yourself to the world basis which people create an affinity towards you or otherwise. 

You can demand dominance in this space if you can master your writing & let it connect with your audience like nothing else. We will discuss in detail why proofreading matters!

Proofreading work is much more than copy editing and only the best tools can help you through the process if you are serious about it.

So let’s go to greater depths & look into some of the best proofreading tools available to us in 2020.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that I receive a small commission for at no cost to you. However, these are merely the tools I fully recommend when it comes to proofreading options available. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy in the footer.

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What is the Best ProofReading Tool?

Questions you might have in Proofreading – How do you gauge the best proofreading tool? 

It’s really simple actually. If it resonates with your writing, helps you with those unseen unintentional errors, improves the grammatical composition of how you express yourself to the world & finally if it can suggest you when you are struggling to form words together, it has to be the one, your best proofreading tool. 

Proofreading online if done right can change the game for you. Read on if you want to know how can proofreading be improved.

My Top Picks for best proofreading tools online in 2020 are as below.

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Best Grammar Checker ($11.66/month)

Over 10 million daily active users is no small feat. Grammarly is indeed one of the very best out there when it comes to proofreading softwares.

The interface & usability is so simple & direct that within an hour you will feel you have been using this all your life.

grammarly homepage

It has a great browser extension which is absolutely free & a mobile app version which looks after your writing on the phone be it anywhere & makes them flawless.

Grammarly will make your writing concise & free from critical grammar & punctuation errors.

Pricing is $29.95/ month but I recommend going in for annual plan of $11.66/ month to unleash premium features such as

  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Performance statistics
  • Maintain & add to your personal dictionary 

You can also explore Grammarly Business plan as well which will cost $15 /user/month billed annually. This provides you with everything included in Grammarly Premium with the addition of an admin panel, statistics for your team, etc.).

Grammarly offer is one of the best in the industry that keeps Grammarly at the top of its game.

They have just introduced a beautiful new feature of tone detector so we can align our writing to the reactions we are wanting from our readers.

All in all, Grammarly is a great complete package to have for not just writing on a Blog but anywhere on the internet/social platforms.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Annual Plan at $11.66/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $139.95
  • Savings: $219.45

The Best Style Editor ($6.58/month)

If Grammarly did not do the trick for you, Pro Writing Aid will for sure. With over a million active users, ProWritingAid is much more than just your standard proofreading software.

It packages in a grammar checker supported by a style editor & a writing mentor.

prowriting aid homepage

ProWritingAid will help you write faster, eliminate errors, fix your writing style & help you find the right words to express yourself beautifully.

Premium version is priced at $20/ month but I recommend going in for the annual plan & save 67%.

What makes ProWritingAid different is its strong hold on writing reports. They share with you 20 In-depth reports to help you understand various aspects of your writing & ultimately sharpen your edges.

They also have a lifetime subscription at $299 which is an unbelievable deal considering you get to access all the premium features forever at that price.

ProWritingAid’s data visualization of your writing parameters really improves you as a writer. Parameters like readability, sentence variation when shown with graphical tools show a better picture & areas of improvement.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Annual Plan at $6.58/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $79
  • Savings: $161

3. Ginger.

Grammar Checker Online ($7.49/month)

Ginger is a complete grammar checker with 10+ years of experience in this domain.

Ginger software tool is available as a mobile app, online tool, API’s or add ons with browser integration. The founding members are in key roles in top companies of Google/Facebook so they know what they are doing.

With a translator in 40 different languages, text reader to understand how our work sounds, emojis for better expression, personal dictionary & a personalized trainer, Ginger is a power feature packed software offering much more than what meets the eye. Though free, it has three options for enterprise plans with a monthly plan at $29.96 /month. I recommend going in for the annual plan though.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Annual Plan at $7.49 / month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $89.88
  • Savings: $269.64

4. WhiteSmoke.

Ensure Effective Writing ($5/month)

Post inception in 2002, WhiteSmoke has been on a rise. It has carved a name for itself in the proofreading domain thanks to its strong features & offerings.

WhiteSmoke provides an all in one English writing tool with checkers on grammar, spelling, punctuation & style.

Some of the strong features offered by WhiteSmoke are as below –

  1. Integration – Friendly with all major platforms, integrates easily & is available in extensions for all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera).
  2. Templates – Provides templates for composing professional looking documents & is also handy for writing projects like Thank You, Sorry & Condolences notes.
  3. Translator – Easily integrates & translates to & from 55 different languages which come in very handy.
  4. Style – It eases your style of writing & helps you cure issues like monotony or switching tenses by providing customized feedback & suggestions.


I recommend the Web plan saving 50% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Web Plan at $5 /month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $59.95
  • Savings: $60.05

5. PerfectIt.

Proofreading software for professionals ($49/month)

With more than 6000 users worldwide , PerfectIt is slowly growing & incorporating top features to improve your writing.

Incorporated in 2009, it has a strong international presence in around 70 countries.

Going beyond the normal, PerfectIt has advanced built in features to check your writings from many unique angles. Usage & consistency of abbreviations, bullets & lists, use of hyphens & capital letters are some of them.

This is really great as it provides one of the most thorough & intelligent checks on your writing styles to give you the best form of it.

PerfectIt has free usage for the basic features on a 14 day trial basis. Beyond that it has a Single/Team(1-45 users) and Enterprise plans(more than 45 users). It offers unique volume discounts on its purchase. If you are a team of more than 100 then i definitely recommend to purchase more than 21 numbers of single plan giving you a discount of 30%.

perfectit discount

6. PaperRater.

Artificial Intelligence backed ProofReader ($11.21/month)

This is an interesting proofreading software provider which uses Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. It throws out the results after analysing the basics of grammar, plagiarism will analyse the syntax & structure of your text as well without any need to login or signup.

Though it provides an in depth analysis & its fairly direct to use, the only trouble is when you have to submit your education level/title/type of paper before the results.

It really has impressive suggestions on what phrases to use/avoid, sentence length, voice of your writing. Plagiarism checker also throws out any duplicate content which is again quite handy.

Though the basic version puts limitations on the number of submissions & plagiarism checks per month, the premium version opens up these limitations to some extent only.

You can save 25% if you subscribe to them now with an $11.21 /month or $71.55 /year premium plan.

7. SlickWrite.

Powerful online grammar checker 

SlickWrite helps take your writing to the next level whether you are a blogger, novelist, professional or a student. It is a powerful yet free application which helps identify & correct grammar mistakes, style mistakes among other parameters.

slickwrite homepage

As SlickWrite points out uncommon phrases, filler words, prepositions & passive words, it really gives you an insight to your writing style & areas of improvement.

8. Hemingway.

For Bold & Clear Writing

This is a unique addition to this list in the sense that Hemingway has a very original style of throwing your writing results to you – Color Coding! 

Yes, they color code various aspects of your work making it so easy on your eye to focus on the areas which need your most attention.

hemingway homepage

With a desktop & a mobile app, Hemingway is absolutely free to use & provides an overall picture to your writing. Passive voice, out of place adverbs, non value terms/phrases are all identified & color coded by Hemingway.

Though it is an advanced style checker where it lacks is its inability to catch spelling mistakes.

But overall, the style/tone/structure of your writing can be greatly improved by using Hemingway.


Online check for spelling & grammatical errors

Started in 2002 with dedicated web hosting & venturing into full service web hosting in 2005, HostPapa has been an established name for small business

onlinecorrection homepage

The services it offers to small businesses include hosting+domain, 400+ business apps & WordPress installation (Both 1-click & drag & drop).

Make sure you turn off their extras at checkout though its best if you go with SSL for which they charge as well.

I recommend you get started with their business plan which is almost 51% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Business Plan at $3.95/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $142.2
  • Savings: $145.44

10. After The Deadline.

Spell, Style & Grammar Checker

Polish my writing also known as After The Deadline is a great proofreading software that checks your work to find grammatical errors, style or spelling mistakes. 

Their suggestions on active & passive voice is really impressive.

After The Deadline has a really impressive way of pointing out errors in three different colors. It shows grammatical errors in “green”, spelling errors in “red” & style suggestions in “blue”.

They claim to use natural language processing technology & artificial intelligence to detect grammatical mistakes & suggestions offered by them.

Only thing is that it can not be used with Microsoft Word.

You can just copy your text & paste it in the box provided on the website & click “Check Writing”. For WordPress users, it offers a free plugin called “After The Deadline”, you can download it from here.

What is a ProofReading Tool?

Proofreading definition says to read and mark any errors. But trust me it is way beyond that.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, digital proofreading tools & software helps you to improve your writing skills as per your writing style guide & requirements. Be it an important paper, blog post or a presentation, writing has become an integral part of our professional & personal lives. The way we express ourselves can make or break a situation & that is why top companies are going all in to invest in these projects. 

The proofreading tools give your writing an extra look from a neutral & grammatically correct point of view, so that you express yourself beautifully, correctly, & more importantly the way you intend to but in a structurally & grammatically correct manner!

Do you even need a Best ProofReading Tool?

Absolutely! There is a reason why tech giants are investing in these technologies & also with the advent of social media/influencers, what you write & explore is always received by so many critical eyes that you just can not afford to make a wrong move(word).

Given below is why proofreading is important. I feel we all need the best online proofreading tools & nothing is going to change that anytime soon –

1. Your Expression.

If you write casually or as a hobby, I am sure you feel an attachment to what you write. Even in a corporate environment for presentations or resumes, you express yourself to the world by how & what you write. If people are not able to understand your writing clearly, they won’t be able to understand you & the impact you want to create will surely not happen.

2. Personal Growth.

You literally have nothing to lose & can only gain the more you expose yourself & your writing to these tools. The better you write, the more confident you feel, better you express & better you connect with the world. Make an impact with your words, the right way.

3. Social Media.

We live more of our life online these days than ever before. There are numerous examples in all our lives where smart & worthy people have come across in bad light just because they could not proofread their published content. Why be one of them when you can access such wonderfully convenient & easy tools.

How do you choose your Best ProofReading Tool? (Infographic)

Best Proof Reading Tool Infographic

Best ProofReading Tool FAQ

What is a Proofreading software/website?

I have tried my best to answer this question above but if you ask me, Grammarly is definitely my go to tool. I have used ProWritingAid before & it works like a charm but nowadays I am more inclined towards Grammarly.

Are Proofreading tools free?

Yes, most of the tools are free but offer very limited capabilities in the free version. To make the most out of them & to further give your writing the very best second set of eyes, you can opt for the paid versions. The very Best Proofreading Tools have a Free usage feature so the user can get an idea about how it works. 

Can you make money from Proofreading?

Ofcourse you can! There are professional proofreaders in the market who do get paid handsomely so. Try applying for a posting in Flexjobs/Fiverr/Freelancer where people hire proofreaders.

There are plenty of proofreading jobs online. Online Proofreading jobs in India are also on an upward trend especially ever since content has become so important for any business.

You can check the proofreader job description there and apply on their Job Boards as freelance proofreaders. You can offer your proofreading services working from home (remote jobs) and make money out of it.

What are the best Proofreading techniques?

You can use best proofreading tools online mentioned in this guide. Besides that, how proofreading is done can be summarized as below –

  • Write the content on google docs and use a spell checker initially to have your content error free 
  • you can use short sentences
  • small paragraphs
  • re read your content loudly
  • ask someone to give your writing a check.


Proofreaders and Editors usually deploy these techniques to improve the content in hand. To become a proofreader is to master these techniques with the help of tools which enhance your productivity.

Are Proofreading and Editing the same thing?

Though the terms are used interchangeably, the two are very different. Both are different stages of the revision process. 

Editing is changing/modifying the document. Which is then followed by Proofreading which ensures no lag is left behind during the editing phase. Proofreading is the final step.

This is exactly how Proofreading is different from revising your content.

Best ProofReading Tool Bottom Line (Executive Summary)

I have tried my best to personally curate the ultimate guide to the best proofreading tools. 

Most of the best proofreading tools available online have a free version which is great as you can try  them out and get to feel how it works for you. But if you are serious about writing and want to be taken seriously for your words online, subscribing to a Proofreading tool is a must!

Be wary of the renewal fees & always go for the one which can improve your writing style while offering much needed suggestions & feedback when it is most needed.

Now that you know why proofreading is necessary for a good written message, select your Best Proofreading tool wisely. Proofreading means being serious about your content.

If you are looking for the best proofreading tool, I recommend Grammarly which you can start off at just $11.66 per month (after your free trial). Read  more about Grammarly here.

Please give these recommendations a try & let me know in the comment section which proofreading tool do you use or prefer.

If you feel you are finally ready to step into the journey and want help to set up your blog, do take help from my limited time period setup service.

If you already have an online presence and looking to scale up, do try out these proven resources which I personally recommend.

More Reading on – check out my articles on web hosting services & landing page builders which you can use in 2020.

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