My name is Aakash & this is my Blog.

Welcome Aboard!

Please understand that I am just like you , very much so, with my own share of failures & struggles.

What I have learned ultimately is that we all have 24 hours a day, and we all face seriously fucked up situations in life – What we make out of them, our attitude & response, that’s what LIFE is all about.

While I get down to my life story & ultimately the story of CupOfGlory in a bit, it is safe to assume that this is no over night work. Everyone & Anyone that tells you otherwise is just not wanting you to realize the truth. All the number of hours, research, planning, thinking & execution that went behind this should not scare you away. That is the real reason why I want to share this Blog with you all & show you how YOU too can make it for yourselves.

1990 & Onwards - Hello Humans!!

aakash singh baby pic

Born in the capital of India, New Delhi on a sunny afternoon of 25th February 1990, I was more than eager to welcome my new home. So much so that I decided to make my grand entry two weeks before my due date ( GOD KNOWS WHY!!). Ever since, i have not been able to figure out what was the hurry but have come to realize that I tend to hurry up my tasks if I am really into them. I was welcomed by a beautiful family with Grand dad, dad, mom & my three year elder sister.

Latest entrant into the family, I was showered the usual love & pamper that came my way was really relaxing to my early years stress! (Learning to walk while not wanting to eat anything all day really takes a toll on you)

2000 & Onwards - Making Sense of the social world

Growing up I did not have much difficulty adjusting to the social scenario. Having two dimples on either cheek really helped while interacting with the opposite sex & hence the confidence. While I was put to my paces with the usual grind of education, weekly tests, social circles, I did not realize why I was doing what I was doing. In short, I was just going with the flow. Let the time roll on you know.

From wanting to be a cricketer(HUGE sport in my country) to a pilot to literally nothing(yes at a certain stage this can happen to a person), I grew up to be a decent young boy with so many dreams but no real idea of execution. A raw product if you may.

Shifted three schools all my life which I won’t say is much but gave me a fair idea on the types & kinds of people we should come to expect around us. Some were awesome while some not so much.

aakash singh another baby pic

2008 - The College Years

Well, what do I say, College. To start with if you can see the photo on the left, that was my attitude pretty much the entire college life. I went to Manipal University for my Engineering in IT Systems. It is one of the best private universities in the country okay but also a top top party place. Well at least used to be.

The moment my parents left me at the campus where I was to “learn” life for the next four years, i saw them waving bye & leaving & that’s when i realized the kind of freedom i have on my hands for the very first time in my life. Oh boy!

I can’t say much about IT Systems but I did learn a lot about partying. I was clearly not ready to handle that kind of freedom. With studies, money & a lot more gone I probably could have done much better. My parents feel QUITE STRONGLY about the same.

But in between all this craziness, I did learn a lot about myself as a person & about life as a teacher. I came out of college broke, without  a job offer but a lot of inherent learning that I carry with me through my work.

2015 - Polishing Rough Edges

2012-2015 I did my Masters & eventually joined the country’s top private company responsible for marketing. The job included a LOT of travel & there was not much time for any kind of personal life. Slowly that took a toll on me. 

I did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past but also I was not ready to quit on my dreams. I believed, strongly so, that I have it in me to get out of this grind & have a fulfilled life. I honed my skills in that corporate job, gained valuable experience & shifted to another one again in Marketing but this time without much travelling & closer to home. This gave me the TIME I was waiting for to make things happen.

2015-2020 I learned so much about marketing thanks to my jobs that I decided it’s time to escape the 9-5 grind. It is just a dream for many like me but I was determined to make it happen. Now with time on my side, I was firing on all cylinders.

aakash MBA college picture

2020 - Where Am I Today

aakash present picture

I launched this Blog without it having to be perfect nor am I any kind of subject matter expert. What I truly can tell all of you is that I have the will & the fire inside to make things happen. AT ANY COST.

I tried it multiple times between 2018 & 2020 but failed every time. I realized that the plan is not wrong, the execution is. I did not stop to keep making progress, keep learning to finally make it happen & get this Blog out to you all. With hardly any money on me, I purchased my domain almost two years back & named it Cup Of Glory – The single most cup I will raise to with you all who continue to be a part of this journey. You are the WINNERS!

I wanted to improve the digital world, teach people how to be successful online & how to make the most from their existing businesses using a Blog. With this Blog I hope to offer you a ray of hope, a slice of confidence & a pickle of courage to DO SOMETHING. Make things happen for you. You might be into Fashion, Sports, Fitness, Technology, Cooking, anything at all – If you want to do something about it & not regret forever for not having ever tried, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Come along on this journey, & make things happen. I will continue to inspire & continue to help you choose the best for your online business. It is on you how badly you want it. In these times of corona inflicted global suffering, having a side hustle that works for you can be a life changer.

My Blog will help you in setting up your Blog so you can kick start you endeavour. Besides that it will inspire you * help you in making the right decisions & strategy so you can see dividends for your time & efforts.

If you have come this far, I want to say thank you for reading my story, my journey. I hope it gave you a better idea about who I am & where I come from. I want you to succeed & for that it is important you keep trying & keep learning. Be patient with yourself & your craft. Honest deeds & honest work pays dividends if done right.

I myself am as new as you are, so as New Bloggers in the block I wish we stick together & we work together in a more efficient way.

My best wishes to all of you & best of luck for each & every one who wishes to embark on this journey & have the courage to do so. I want to hear your story too, so please connect I will be more than happy to!

Thanks so much for reading. I sincerely hope you achieve a fulfilled life as you aim to.